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Why Choose Us

Advanced Technical
Founded in 2007, SaifengPack have already built it’s own technical development team. In-deep cooperation with Siemens,Fuji, SMC ... word famous companies to assemble machinery at high accuracy based on high level trained engineers. We also cooperated with Jiangsu Technology University to continue introducing new products with our own patent.
SaifengPack passed certification for ISO90001,Environment of Management System in year 2018, became Zhejiang high technology company in year 2020 and State high technology company in year 2021.

Precision and Perfeciton workshop
SaifengPack has precision parts processing capabilities and complete industrial chain supporting facilities. It’s the leading innovation of the industry in precision processing of stainless steel, aluminum alloy, and food-grade plastics which ensure every machine with exceptional quality control and exquisite workmanship.
We spend so much efforts on machinery detail to supply automatic and intelligent equipment, to make our machinery reliable , trust and easy control , especially

 for coffee bean M premade bag , drip coffee , pyramid envelope teabag , drip coffee /pyramid teabag filter tagging machine .

Customer Satisfied
Our products are well-known in the domestic industry and also sold abroad globally. We cooperate with companis in Germany,the USA,etc for pyramid teabag packing, discuss the latest developments with industry leaders, actively explore equipment automation and intelligence. All said the machine performance can compete with other famous brand but more cost-effective.
Customer satisfaction has been the main priority for our company. Quality, efficiency and professionalism have earned us the highest reputation amongst our peers and customers. 

About us
A professional tea bag packaging machine design and manufacturer with more than 12 years of experience. We provide not only equipment for your tea and coffee products, but also feasible and stable packaging solutions.
Contact us
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