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How to choose a suitable machine when starting your business in the pyramid tea bag market

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Pyramid tea bags are one of the modern trends in today’s society. The pyramid tea bags allow tea leaves to move freely allowing ingredients to unwind and expand properly, releasing the maximum flavor in the cup. Therefore, there is a big demand for pyramid tea bags in the economy.
With that said, many tea brands are now producing pyramid tea bags - which has enabled tea bag machine suppliers to develop their pyramid tea bag machines over the years. Therefore, similar to other markets, there are many pyramid tea bag machine suppliers a Company could choose from that range from low quality to high quality.

To begin with, it is advised that you do a thorough research on the market and identify the key suppliers of pyramid tea bag machines. Through this exercise, you are capable of understanding the prices of the machines from the key players in the market. Once this is done, you can dive deep to identify the other small suppliers and understand their offerings in terms of the product quality and pricing. Based on your budget, try to gauge a set of suppliers and reach out to them. One thing you would have to expect is that you will get what you pay for!

Then you will have to work around the following key points to get the most suitable pyramid tea bag machine for your Company:
l Communication
This is a key area. In fact it can be considered the most important area when selecting a supplier. Even if the machine quality are not of high standard, but the cooperation and service is good, this could lead to solving problems more efficiently and thereby guarantee your production
l Product and service quality
Inspecting quality of the machine and the service quality of the team are important. The machine will need to be inspected in the following key areas :
* Availability of the manual of the machine
* Professionalism from the technical team
* Videos of the machine in operation
* Customer comments and feedback
* Accuracy for your special tea
* Outlook of the machine
l Capability and capacity of the supplier
This is another area that the buyer should look into in detail when selecting the supplier. The key areas that will need to be inspected should be:
* The comprehensive ability of the supplier as an entity and their individual machines
* The experience of the supplier in the industry of tea bag packing
* Feedback of the supplier from the market
* The capability to supply material without disturbing the supply chain. The tea bag packing material supply is controlled by a selected set of main players in addition to a handful of small suppliers. It is not easy to find packing material in the market. Therefore, the buyer should ensure the supplier is capable of supplying material at any given time to ensure a smooth production.

Pyramid tea bag packing machines are now manufactured and supplied by many across the world. China too has many suppliers to choose from. If you judge using the above points, you are capable of getting the most appropriate machine or your business.

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