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Coffee Coffee
Coffee Coffee



Product Description

Packing Material for Coffee

--The drip coffee bag is the revolutionary design for single serve coffee.   

We can supply special formed tag and PLA( Biodegradable ) filter for different customer's drip coffee and cold brew coffe  demand except Non Woven fabric

Pachit type

Simple and easy to use

2 points hook



We supply various type of "eco-friendly" filter material which is made of plant origin.
Non-Woven Fabric Biodegradable is available for drip coffee !

Quality Control

We build our own woven line for teabag, drip coffee bag filter, and tagging workshop in order to supply high quality packing material for your tea and coffee packing which follow strict regulation of quality control to deliver safety and reliable products.


About us
A professional tea bag packaging machine design and manufacturer with more than 12 years of experience. We provide not only equipment for your tea and coffee products, but also feasible and stable packaging solutions.
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